About Us

PublicSurplus.ca is a search engine to help you find goods for sale from Canadian government and related public sector organizations (universities, hospitals, etc.).


How does it work?

Everyday, PublicSurplus.ca crawls the web looking for new sales notices from government organizations across Canada. These notices are added to the PublicSurplus.ca index, so they can easily be found.  We then provide free tools, including e-mail alerts, to make it easy for users to find new stuff.  If you're interested in using them, be sure to register (it's free).


Why are these government organizations selling goods?

These organizations often have used, seized, tax sales, or excess real estate, furniture, electronics and other equipment, that they need to liquidate (often at a significant discount).


How do they sell items?

Sales can range from auctions to tenders (and related requests for proposals or bid) notices.


Where do you get the information from?

We index notices for auctions from dedicated auctions sites, including:

We index notices for tenders from dedicated tendering sites, including:


If you have any other questions about the service, please contact us.

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